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Bulk SMS service is a new web-based tool that can help different businesses communicate and market their products easily to their customers. Businesses can now send short messages (SMS) to their clients effortlessly with the click of a button. This service unites the power of the Internet and Mobile technologies enabling businesses to meet their objectives.

Development Environment: Linq, Work Flow Foundation, WCF , 2.0 ,C# 3.0, Sql Server 2005 and MS Visual Studio 2008(Beta)

Send SMS
• Single and Bulk Text Messaging
• SMS can be sent as English or Unicode (Arabic ,Chinese etc) Message.
• Directly type text message in a text box. No need of converting Unicode message.
• Send SMS to a single group to multiple groups at one time.
• Schedule messages to be delivered at a future time.
• Make unlimited number of groups
• Add unlimited numbers in a group.
• Import numbers in a group via text file.
• Send SMS to the whole group.
• Real time history of messages, which are still in the queue.
• Stop any message which are still in the queue or scheduled for later delivery.
• View the history of sent message by date, group name, mobile number or message text.
• View the history of credits used to send sms and credits purchased.
• Send messages to Admin.
• Read the messages from Admin.
Online Payment
• Buy credits through credit card.

Admin Area
• Add ,modify users , activate , deactivate user account.
• Add /deduct credits to a user account.
• View daily/monthly reports of total messages sent , total credits sold.
• View Messages in queue.
• View message/group history.
• Read Message sent from Users and reply them.
• Broadcast a message to all users.

Sreen Shots

Send SMS

SMS History

Manage Groups

Contact Admin

Admin Tools


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